Alpine Beech honey dew

A raw naturally liquid honey collected from local beech trees. A rich flavoured, very robust honey that is outstanding in cooking if extra flavour is needed, or eat by the spoonful direct from the pot.

Manuka honey

Our raw Manuka honey has a rich full flavour, and the activity level of a standard Manuka honey. It has passed the MPI Manuka classification test.

Molesworth honey

A raw honey collected from wild flowers in the pristine mountains of inland Marlborough. A delicate aromatic flavour that stays naturally liquid. Molesworth honey is a fantastic complement to many foods in cooking and ideal as a replacement to sugar in hot drinks. A perfect match with toast and crumpets.

Creamed Meadow honey

This is our clover based pasture honey collected throughout the Marlborough region. A raw honey that naturally wants to granulate (go white, thick and creamy), so what you see is a totally natural process with absolutely nothing added or taken away.

A light flavour and a family favourite on morning toast.

Port Underwood honey

This raw honey is naturally sourced by our bees as they forage a mixture of trees and plants in the Port Underwood area of Marlborough. There is Kanuka, Honey Dew, pasture flowers, and other exciting natural plants our bees enjoy visiting.

This combination of flowers provides a full flavoured honey that is great by itself, but is amazing as a flavour enhancer in cooking.

Comb honey

A perfect way to eat completely natural untouched honey. Our comb honey has a delicate flavour, and is amazing when combined with cheese, or straight from the container with a spoon.

Beeswax candles

Our candles are made from beeswax sheets that have been rolled up to form the candle. The candles give off a lovely sweet smell when they burn.


Collected from our beehives and is used for making Beeswax Foodwraps, Lip Balms, and as an ingredient in polish.